Stonebridge Quarry

Planning for the quarry was granted in 2012 and opened for production in 2013, prior to being worked as a quarry the land was farmed.

The mineral deposit comprises of two distinct layered tiers, the top layer being a ‘dry screened’ sand. This sand takes very little processing and does not require washing, it is generally utilised as mortar sand and is renowned for its consistent colour and texture.

The bottom layer is a mix of both sand and gravel. This mineral is processed through the wash plant that produces a range of single sized aggregates. Products include 40mm, 20mm, 10mm stone and a range of washed sands. The products are generally used in concrete mixes.

The mineral is sold and distributed through the quarries chosen agents ‘London Rock Ltd’. The mineral leaves site via the quarry weighbridge that accurately records each load.