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15th November – Records updated

16th to 18th November – Records added

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7th December 2019 – 2 pm

18th November 2019

Cool start but dry and bright. Light north-westerly breeze.

Water levels have now subsided after the flooding at the end of last week

Records to follow

17th November 2019

Overcast but dry morning; rain in the afternoon. Light northerly breeze

The Whooper Swan was present early on but not found again after mid-morning. Also present on the pools were the female Goldeneye, 200+ Lapwing and a good selection of gulls: the regular adult Great Blackbacked Gull, four Common Gulls and 12 Herring Gulls over. A male Cetti’s Warbler was around the Causeway area, a Coal Tit was again on the car park feeders, both Redwing and Fieldfare were feeding along the Railway Embankment and two Water Rails were recorded (Reedbed and north end of Railway Pool), while other logbook entries included a flock of 25 Goldfinch, Goldcrest in a mixed flock and Green Woodpecker around the Car Park.

Finally, there were three Green Sandpipers – two were again present on the flash north of Patrick Farm and one was on the Flood Plain.

16th November 2019

Overcast but largely dry. Light south-westerly breeze.

The results of the regular Saturday count, combined with other logbook entries, were as follows:

22 Mute Swans, 133 Canada Geese, 180 Greylag Geese, 210 Wigeon, 43 Gadwall, 201 Teal, 36 Shoveler, 58 Mallard, 32 Pochard, 15 Tufted, Goldeneye (f), one Little Grebe, five Grey Heron, one Little Egret, 33 Cormorant, eight Moorhen, 50 Coot, 146 Lapwing, nine Snipe, 150 Blackheaded Gulls, seven Common Gulls, six Herring Gulls and singles of both Lesser Blackbacked Gull and Great Blackbacked Gull (adult).

Other species included a juvenile Peregrine over and Coal Tit on the Car Park feeders. North of Patrick Barns was a productive area with Whooper Swan, three Green Sandpipers (first field to the right of the river), six Meadow Pipits, ten Yellowhammers and ten or more Pied Wagtails.

15th November 2019

Generally light cloud, occasional showers, moderate northerly breeze.

With water levels very high across the Reserve following yesterday’s incessant heavy rain, records from the morning included Whooper Swan, Great Blackbacked Gull, a return of the female Goldeneye, and a Siskin.

Later on in the morning and into the early afternoon the Whooper Swan was still present on Car Park Pool along with Shoveler (30), Teal (65) , Gadwall (15+), Wigeon (60+), Pochard (21), Lapwing (75), Common Snipe (3) and Gulls represented by single adults of both Common and Great Blackbacked. Railway Pool held a number of the same species: Gadwall (22), Shoveler (8), Teal (80+) and Common Snipe (7).

Other records across the Reserve included Meadow Pipit, Grey Wagtail, Bullfinch, 20+ Siskins, 20+ Fieldfare and 35 Redwing. A Mink was reported from the Causeway.

14th November 2019

Heavy rain all day. Cold with light north-easterly breeze.

No reports

13th November 2019

Dry with sunny intervals and a light south-westerly breeze.

Sightings for the morning were Whooper Swan, female Goldeneye and a number of Redwing which were feeding along the Railway Embankment.

The Whooper Swan was still present early afternoon together with eight adult and five first-winter Mute Swans which were spread across the pools. Car Park Pool had good numbers of wildfowl including Pochard (11), Teal (37), Wigeon (74), along with c50 Lapwing and 33 Cormorants, as well as four adult Common Gulls and the adult Great Blackbacked Gull. Railway Pool also had a good cast list including Gadwall (25), Coot (24), Teal (26) and a single Common Snipe.

12th November 2019

Generally overcast with some showers. Light westerly breeze.

No records

11th November 2019

Heavy rain overnight but dry with sunny intervals. Light westerly breeze.

As usual, the Car Park feeder was busy with a number of species in attendance including Blue Tit, Great Tit, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Jackdaw, Magpie and five Pheasants hoovering up below. This activity also attracted the attention of a Sparrowhawk.

Car Park Pool held Snipe, Great Crested Grebe, Little Grebe, Great Blackbacked Gull, up to 15 Pochard and Little Egret. There was a mixed flock feeding along the Concrete Road, this included Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Blue Tit and Great Tit while some 15 Longtailed Tits were on the Railway Embankment. The cattle feeder along the Old Road is often attractive to Pied Wagtails at this time of year and three were noted in that area.

10th November 2019

Dry with sunny intervals. Light north north-easterly breeze.

A Whooper Swan was again recorded on Car Park Pool, possibly one of the group seen on 8th. Other records on the pools were three female Goosander, Great Blackbacked Gull, five Common Gulls, 25 Pochard, 53 Shoveler and a Little Egret.

Elsewhere across the site, sightings included Cetti’s Warbler, female Blackcap, both Great Spotted and Green Woodpecker, Kestrel, up to 30 Fieldfare, a Kingfisher from the Causeway Hide and six Skylark over going south-west.

9th November 2019

Frosty start, overcast, heavy rain from midday. Light north north-easterly breeze.

There was no record of the Whooper Swans today but the regular Saturday count yielded the following across the Reserve:

Ten Mute Swans, 31 Canada Geese, 235 Greylag Geese, Greylag x Canada hybrid, 174 Wigeon, 44 Gadwall, 152 Teal, 38 Shoveler, 34 Mallard, 16 Pochard, 11 Tufted, one Little Grebe, six Grey Heron, one Little Egret, 36 Cormorant, 21 Moorhen, 62 Coot, 105 Lapwing, nine Snipe, 55 Blackheaded Gulls, two Common Gulls and a single Herring Gull.

Other species included Cetti’s Warbler below Railway Hide, Green Sandpiper on the flash opposite the barns at Patrick Farm and a female Blackcap which was along the Old Road by the gate to the Flood Plain.

The persistent heavy rain from midday onwards caused the working party to be largely abandoned but many thanks to the three determined individuals who were undeterred by the poor conditions and spent a couple of hours pulling vegetation to improve the view from Oak Hide.

8th November 2019

Bright with sunny intervals, light north north-westerly breeze.

The highlight of the day was provided by six adult Whooper Swans which were present on Car Park Pool. They were first noted at 09.00 and were present until at least 14.00.

Other sightings on Car Park Pool were Shoveler (46), Teal (44), Gadwall (15), Wigeon (50+), Pochard (310), Coot (15), Tufted Duck (12), Lapwing (c120), Common Gull (5) and two Skylarks. Many of the same species were also on Railway Pool which held Teal (40), Gadwall (46), Shoveler (8), Coot (42), Greylag Geese (100+), Cormorant (17), Lapwing (75) and Common Gull (3). When totalled, there were some quite impressive counts across the site.

7th November 2019

Overcast but mainly dry. Light south south-westerly breeze.

Car Park Pool held good numbers of both Pochard and Shoveler: 25 of the former and 40 of the latter. Other sightings of note included both Mistle Thrush and Treecreeper by the Back Gate, two Little Egrets and two Cetti’s Warblers, a male along the Causeway and a female south of Oak Hide.

6th November 2019

Dry but generally overcast a.m.; light showers p.m.; light south south-easterly breeze.

No reports

5th November 2019

Generally overcast with brighter intervals and some light rain. Light north north-westerly breeze.

No reports

4th November 2019

Sunny intervals with light showers later in the day. Light breeze turning northerly.

Cetti’s Warblers were again in evidence, both heard from Railway Hide and seen along the North Causeway where two were present. A couple of Redwings were feeding along the railway embankment and two Pied Wagtails were noted by the cattle feeder along the Old Road.

As usual, the car park feeders were busy, with Reed Bunting, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Robin, Blackbird and Pheasant all recorded.

3rd November 2019

Sunny intervals; some showers later; light SW breeze

The day’s highlight was the report of a Stonechat, but unfortunately there was no further detail in the logbook about where this was seen and whether it was male/female. There was a female reported back on Oct 15 but, with no sightings since, it’s likely that this was a different individual.

The female Goldeneye was still around on Car Park Pool in the morning along with five Great Crested Grebes and four Common Gulls. Railway Pool held 250+ Canada Geese which, while not a site record (highest was 336 on Sep 17 2015) is a notably high count.

The movement of Redwings and Fieldfares continued with 50+ over going north-west and ten Skylarks were also on the move.

2nd November 2019

Heavy rain a.m., brighter later. Fresh SW breeze

In the morning, 27 Snipe were flushed from Car Park Pool by a Sparrowhawk. 18 Pochard were noted with two Common Gulls also on Car Park Pool and Cetti’s Warbler in the Reedbed. There was a good total of Little Grebes with four on Car Park Pool and a single on the Dragonfly Pond.

Later in the day, Redwings were particularly in evidence with 16, accompanied by a solitary Fieldfare, along the Causeway, six going to roost by the car park and another 60-70 over in a couple of groups. Cetti’s Warbler was noted from both the Marsh and Railway Hide, a Chiffchaff was calling from the Back Gate Copse and a Goldcrest was at the back gate itself. Elsewhere, there were 12 Meadow Pipits on the Tip Field, six Chaffinches and four Goldfinches along the Old Road, five female Pheasants by the car park gate, 100+ Jackdaws flew over towards dusk and 150 Starlings went to roost.

1st November 2019

Wet start, thereafter overcast.

The female Goldeneye had reappeared on Car Park Pool this morning and the Dunlin from yesterday remains. Pochard numbers had increased to 14 and there were seven Common Gulls, two Herring Gulls and a Little Egret. Both Water Rail and Cetti’s Warbler were seen from the causeway and five Fieldfares were feeding on the flood plain.