Packington Estate Fallow

At Packington we have a herd of over 350 wild Black Fallow Deer. We believe they have been on the site for over 400 years. Sustainably managed and raised on parkland grass, the meat from these deer is truly delicious. Venison meat is low in fat, high in protein and has a very low cholesterol content. So our products are tasty and good for you and now available to buy below. Unfortunately we only deliver to the UK and our delivery charges are £5. Delivery is free for orders over £70. We’re also looking into the ability to offer our venison online too but should you wish to purchase any then do get in touch. Please keep in mind the seasons.

Seasons: Fallow Buck: 1stAugust – 30thApril  Fallow Doe:  1stNovember – 31stMarch

We have partnered up with our friends at Beal’s Farm Charcuterie who are a small, family run, artisan business based in East Sussex. They specialise in the production of air-dried meats and salami made from Mangalitsa pork. The Mangalitsa pig has a higher fat content running though it, which contains omega oils as well as being the healthier monounsaturated fat. This gives a creamy smoothness to the texture of the products. Married with our Black Fallow and game we believe we’ve created a range of artisan salamis that are really quite unique. The salamis are hung for 8 weeks and the cooking chorizo is for 2-3 weeks. Due to the seasons there will be limited stock but we will inform you when we have new stock available.

Venison Salami
Who said simple was boring. Our delicious venison salami has no frills but is simply made from a perfect combination of our black fallow venison and the Mangalitsa pork fat. Combined with black pepper and some of Beal’s Farm secret spice mix, this is a salami that will have you coming back time and time again. 

Dairy, Wheat and Gluten free / Weight Approx: 350g / 30 day shelf life. 

Spicy Venison Salami
For those of you who like a bit of extra punch, our spicy venison salami uses Beal’s Farm secret spice mix along with some added paprika to create a mouth watering and distinctive salami that leaves you with a nice lingering warm feeling.  

Dairy, Wheat and Gluten free / Weight Approx: 350g / 30 day shelf life. 

Pheasant Salami
Packington is a shooting estate and we are passionate about knowing that all the game shot is used and eaten. For many years we have supplied local game dealers but when we started making our venison charcuterie we had a light bulb moment and started to experiment. The result – a lip-smacking pheasant and fennel salami! Once again using Beal’s secret spice mix but this time blending it with fennel, we have come up with a salami that is incredibly succulent and moreish.

Dairy, Wheat and Gluten free / Weight Approx: 350g / 30 day shelf life. 

Cooking Chorizo
Our cooking chorizo is made using the same ingredients as the spicy salami but it is hung for 2-3 weeks. A very versatile sausage that can be used in a large variety of recipes. We like it in the morning with a poached egg and some home made sourdough. Yum!

Dairy, Wheat and Gluten free / Weight Approx: 350g / 20 day shelf life.