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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – Updated 24th March 2020

As going to the Reserve is exercise and as the Reserve is spacious, after much deliberation we have decided to leave the Reserve open to members only, but we will monitor the position daily.  In order to do this, members are asked to please co-operate by:

  1. Remembering social distancing – 2m minimum between people.
  2. No more than two people, per hide at any one time, subject to (1) above.
  3. Please carry cleanser with you for hide doors, flaps and locks and wipe down regularly.

Can members users please ensure they follow HM Government guidance in respect of hand sanitisation and social distancing, and ensure they avoid the Reserve  if they or any family members (or anyone else you may be in contact with) are showing any symptoms associated with Covid-19.

Work Party Dates

Subject to the Government lifting the lockdown restrictions, the proposed Work Party dates are:

15th July – 6 pm

11th August – 6 pm

15th September – 6 pm


4th to 5th July – Records added

3rd July 2020 – Records updated

5th July 2020

Mostly sunny but still windy from the north-west.

There were 16 Mute Swans today with the eight cygnets still present on Railway Pool plus the further cygnet by Patrick Bridge.  There were still eight Gadwall broods but an additional Tufted brood from yesterday. Six Teal were counted and the four adult Little Ringed Plovers and fledged juvenile were also still present.

4th July 2020

Overcast, windy, occasional showers 16 degrees.

The first proper wildfowl counts today, courtesy of returning Graham Rowling were as follows: 11 Mute Swans, 53 Greylag including 17 juveniles, one Canada, 35 Gadwall and eight broods, two on Car Park and six on Railway, five Teal, 20 Mallard and two broods, a single on Railway and five on the South-west Pond, two Shoveler, 23 Tufted and a single brood on Railway, three adult and three fledged juvenile Little Grebes from elsewhere, one Heron, four Cormorants, 19 Moorhens, 74 Coot, two adult Little Ringed Plover and a fledged juvenile from off site, 94 Lapwings, two adults and a fledged juvenile Oystercatcher, 285 adult and 125 juvenile Black-headed Gulls, four Lesser Black-backed Gulls, seven adult and nine juvenile Common Terns, a Collared Dove under the feeders, eight Mistle Thrushes on the Old Road (presumably at least one family party), 18 Rooks on the flood plain, 20 Starlings on the Car Park Pool islands and at least two Swifts and three Sand Martins south.

Despite the overcast and blustery conditions it was warm enough, particularly in the sheltered areas, for butterflies and odonata to be visible and the counts were as follows: 13 Ringlets, five Marbled Whites, 19 Meadow Browns, 11 Green-veined Whites, one Large White, two Small Skippers and four Essex Skippers; 190 Blue-tailed Damsel Flies, 25 Common Blue Damsel Flies, two Azure Damsel Flies, three Emerald Damsel Flies, a pair of Banded Demoiselles, five Common Darters and one Ruddy Darter.

3rd July 2020

Blustery, south-westerly.

A single Black-tailed Godwit was present on Car Park Pool on and off this morning though it did depart around 08:30, only to return half an hour later.

There was a fledged Little Ringed Plover juvenile (from elsewhere) on the shore of Car Park Pool and a pair of Shoveler and a Teal there as well. Seven Swifts were feeding over the streamline and at least five Sand Martins headed purposefully south just before 09:00 with a further 13 Swifts recorded south between 10:00 and 10:30.

Other birds today included one Little Egret, one Common Sandpiper, a Green Sandpiper on the river just north of Car Park Pool and a pair of Pied Wagtails and fledged juvenile on the muck heap along the Old Road.

2nd July 2020

Showery start, brightening later, light south-westerly.

The days highlight was a flock of 13 Black-tailed Godwits which flew north over Railway Pool at 08:50. There was a Green Sandpiper on the pools, probably the same bird that was also seen on the river by Patrick Bridge. One Common Sandpiper, four adult Little Ringed Plovers and a fledged juvenile, five Oystercatchers, at least one half grown Lapwing chick in front of Car Park Hide plus a further 90 Lapwings on the flood plain were the other main waders. The flock of Lapwings on the flood plain also included 32 Starlings.

Other birds of note included one Little Egret, two Buzzards, a Kestrel and plenty of song still from warblers with a Willow Warbler between the car park and the cottages and a Whitethroat singing behind Oak Hide. The overcast conditions in the morning saw a little passage south with seven Swifts, two House Martins and two Sand Martins.

1st July 2020

Overcast, drizzly light south-westerly.

It is 19 years to day since the Reserve opened and by way of celebration Cetti’s Warblers were found to be feeding two fledged young on the causeway this morning.  There were also three Common Sandpipers present early on but they seemed to depart, perhaps for the river. There are still two growing Lapwing chicks in front of Car Park Hide.

Records today included six Gadwall broods, four on Car Park and two on Railway, two Tufted broods both on Railway, four Teal, three Shoveler, two Little Egrets, four adult and two juvenile Oystercatchers and four Little Ringed Plovers including a fledged juvenile from off site.